Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are classically beautiful and elegant. The frame and strings of grand pianos are horizontal, making them different than upright pianos. They are usually larger than upright pianos and are used by many artists in concerts, or placed in homes as beautiful centerpieces. Whether you choose a concert grand or a baby grand, there are many reasons why it’s simply grand to buy a grand piano. 

The four top reasons to buy a grand piano include the sound, look, quality and action.

Sound - Grand pianos have both the long strings and the large soundboard to create great music that is pure to the ears. The longer the strings, the better the sound of your piano. 

Look - The look of a grand piano is luxurious. Musicians respect the look of a grand piano, but non-musicians also love the clean, classic look. Many families put them in the center of living areas as functional furniture due to their beauty and entertainment. 

Quality - A grand piano not only is an heirloom, but will keep your family entertained for hours. Whether you want to become a serious musician or just play a few songs, sitting around a piano with family and friends has been a fun tradition for centuries.

Action - The action of grand pianos gives it the highest quality of sound and performance. 

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