The fine art of beautiful tone for 190 years leading up to perfection - for the future of piano manufacture

SAUTER has been considered a home to the fine art of beautiful tone since 1819. Johann Grimm returned from Vienna back to Spaichingen after a period of apprenticeship under the most famous piano makers of their time, Nannette Stein and Johann Andreas Streicher. Then, he founded his own piano workshop. To this day, SAUTER feel obligated to meet the high quality standards of these great names that had built instruments for Beethoven and other significant musicians.

It is therefore no coincidence that SAUTER Pianofortemanufaktur, located in Spaichingen in Baden Württemberg, is considered one of the best piano manufacturers worldwide.

At SAUTER, perfect craftsmanship is combined with best in class technology. Many of the intricate technical improvements conceived by SAUTER that contribute to the piano’s sound are patented and thus, document their innovative spirit with regard to music. Furthermore, with their excellent design, SAUTER creates a harmonious balance between centuries of piano building tradition and special demands set forth by modern living environments.

Committed to the quality seal “100% made in Germany”, the SAUTER piano factory has a great sound in concert halls, opera houses, music academies and universities.

Northwest Pianos welcomes you to come in and play this exquisite piano for yourself.


Rondo -- elegance softly shaped, a piano that performs with the principle of round shapes. It appears natural, soft and well balanced within itself. The Rondo was created by famed European designer, Peter Maly for Sauter.


Enjoy this beautiful performance on the Sauter 6'1" Grand by Sam Burns.


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