"My name is Mr. Hailun Chen. I have put my name on my pianos and on my company. It is my personal guarantee to you, that each piano is and continues to be crafted with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards. My reputation depends on it." - Hailun Chen

The HAILUN piano company owned by Mr. Hailun Chen was originally the Ningbo Piano Parts Factory. What began as a company that produced the most sought after, highest quality parts for pianos all over the world has evolved into an award winning piano manufacturer.

HAILUN became an independent company in 1986 and employs the newest and most advanced technology available to the piano industry to produce their exceptional musical instruments. Since 2001, HAILUN has invested heavily in Japanese and German digital equipment and employed some of the finest names in piano design and production. The vision displayed by the HAILUN piano Company has merged high-tech numerically controlled production, with the artistic and revolutionary assembly processes of the world renowned European and American piano tradition.

The Genius Behind The Piano…

American Piano Designer George F. Emerson (Chief Scale Designer and Lead Engineer for HAILUN piano) has 32 years of experience as a piano designer in the U.S.A. from 1989 to 1997, he worked for well-known companies such as Baldwin Piano and Organ. From 1997 to early 2005 he worked as a designer for the Mason & Hamlin, Mr. Emerson’s unique expertise has lead many to view him as "The Designer of a Generation".

Austrian Designer Sibin Zlakovic (Director of Tuning and Voicing) worked at the famous European firm of  Bösendorfer, he has over 20 years experience. He specializes in tuning, voicing and maintenance of sound quality. Sibin is not only responsible for the tuning of HAILUN pianos, but also developed and manages the training program required of other tuners at HAILUN.

Austrian Designer Peter Veletzky (Senior Technical Advisor) has 30 years of piano building experience. Trained from the time he was a child, he became at the age of 22, the youngest person in Austria at that time to become a licensed producer of pianos.

Japanese Piano Expert Ema Shigeru (Hailun Piano Voicing Consultant) has over 35 years experience at Kawai Piano Co. on voicing and he trained some voicing talents for HAILUN.

French Piano Designer Stephen Paulello & Claire (Production Director for Grand Piano at HAILUN) Incumbent HAILUN piano company Triangle Qin General Counsel, The current College of Music in Paris, a professor of piano, 1982 and 1983 Vienna International Pianist Awards, the International Piano Institute, French Piano Technology Association of Lecturers.

In 2009, HAILUN Piano Company was authorized as a national leveled industrial culture demonstrative site, and a national culture export keystone company. In January 2010, HAILUN Piano was sampled by China Light Industry Musical Instrument Quality Supervise & Exam Center for piano music quality examination.

In 2012, 2013 and again 2014, HAILUN piano won MMR Magazine "Acoustic Piano Line of the Year", three consecutive years in a row.

Today, HAILUN pianos have received international praise and acclaim. Almost 60% of the HAILUN pianos are exported to Europe, Japan, America and other parts of the world with more than 580 dealers and growing.

Northwest Pianos welcomes you to come in and play this exquisite piano for yourself.

Enjoy this beautiful performance on the Hailun 178 Grand by brilliant American pianist William Joseph on the Hailun 178 Grand, awarded "Piano Line of the Year 2013".


Hailun HU5P 50” Upright beat Yamaha U-1 and Kawai K-3 and won “Piano Line of the Year 2012” in convincing fashion. The HU 5P was praised for meticulous craftsmanship and classic designs.


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