We have 25 years experience working with fine woods and finishes. Our expertise includes:

  • Complete color selection
  • High gloss, Semi gloss, or Satin sheen
  • Grain-filled finish or open-grain finish
  • Making missing or ruined parts like new
  • Veneer repair or replacement
  • Specific details including decals, case hardware, exposed felts
  • Creating benches to match the piano like original
  • Restoring the overall finish and color to match the original if desired


This is an embellishing industry term that describes the overall work on the soundboard and string area of the piano. Our work in this area rivals new pianos. Often called rebuilding, this work includes:

  • Restringing the piano
  • Repair or replacement of the soundboard
  • Repair or replacement of the bridges
  • Pinblock replacement when needed
  • Refinishing the soundboard and plate (harp)

Action and keyboard

The term "action" describes the entire mechanism that allows your fingers to connect to the strings. Up to 5000 parts of wood, metal, leather, and felt make up this complicated aspect of the piano. Our staff has been trained in US and German factories in the very specific skills required to create an ideal even and balanced touch of your piano.

  • Simple action & keyboard reconditioning
  • Complete action rebuilding
  • Modernize old action designs
  • Beautiful ivory restoration
  • New keytops of synthetic, ivory, or bone
  • Performance regulation
  • Concert tuning & voicing

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